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Remote Start & Auto Security Installations
The Fine Print

1.) We ONLY install systems purchased from us. We install ALL systems we sell (no carry out)

2.) Not all vehicles are compatible, price varies by vehicle. Some vehicles require extra charge, 
ie Manual Trans, Select Subaru, European, & Luxury Vehicles. Contact us to verify your vehicle

3.) Advanced features available for additional charge with select systems when compatible.
     (ie. Trunk Pop, Power sliding door control, defogger activation, heated seat activation, etc.)

4.) You have to make appointment for installation by either calling or in person.
   Due to circumstances out of our controll (ie. weather, other people, etc.) we can not always
      guarantee anyone specific finishing times, this is why we ask for your vehicle to be
      dropped off on the day of your appointment.

5.) Retail Prices Add 8% Sales Tax. Dealers and Shops must bring Tax Exempt Form.

6.) Remote range is subject to interferance.

7.) Remote kits subject to availability.

8.) We guaruntee our installation as long as you own your vehicle. The manufacture provides
      a limited lifetime warranty on the controller and vehicle interface. The PRIME remote fobs 
      have a one year warranty. The PRO remote fobs have up to a 3 year warranty.

9.) See Store for Full Details.

When You Park Your Vehicle Remember to

Make  sure you know how your Remote Start is being installed.
Say NO to T-Taps and other shortcut installation methods!

Manual Transmission - Remeber to Set Reservation Mode