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Make  sure you know how your Remote Start is being installed.
Say NO to T-Taps and other shortcut installation methods!

         We have been in business since 1987 because of our great customers. We take a lot of pride in our workmanship and that is why we choose to install only the best products currently in the industry. The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty on the controller, see their website for details, and up to 3 years on the remote fobs when you register. J&J Automotive offers a lifetime guarantee on our installation. Also in the event you do have a warranty need J&J Automotive will cover the labor cost as long as you return to us.

We try to explain how to use your new remote when you pick up your vehicle, but every now and then we miss something and we do apologize for that. We recommend that you read the owners manual to familiarize yourself with your new remote start and keep it in you glove box for future reference.

A special note to customers :
We have found that some manufactures install very low amp batteries in some vehicles on the road today. We have seen that when these vehicles are not used for extended periods of time or mainly driven short distances the battery will need additional recharging. The remote start system will draw a very small amount of current while the vehicle is at rest. In most vehicles with a normal size battery the small draw will not be enough to discharge the vehicle battery as prematurely. A couple options are available depending on the cause if you experience an issue. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for every user.

What if your remote start stops working?
First thing to do is to check the lights on the remote fob to make sure the fob battery is still good. If the remote fob is in good working order the next thing is to check and see if the system is in Valet Mode. Valet (or service mode) is a safety feature built into the remote start controller that will disable the system from starting the vehicle for several reasons. The most common reasons for setting valet mode are (1.) The vehicle battery gets old and the load voltage drops too low (2.) The vehicle battery gets disconnected or goes dead (3.) Valet Mode can be set by the user, sometimes unknowingly. The owners manual will explain how to put the system in to and how to take it out of valet mode. If you are unable to reset valet mode then feel free to stop by and we will show you how.

Does a remote car starter void my warranty?
No. You are protected under the Federal Magnuson-Moss Act.  This covers ALL aftermarket accessories.  The federal government mandates that an auto dealer or manufacturer can not void a warranty due to the installation of any aftermarket accessory.  They can only deny coverage if proof the installed equipment caused the failure, just the same as they can deny coverage by misuse.  This does not void your entire warranty.  This is why you want a shop like J&J Automotive installing aftermarket electronics in your vehicle.  Quality installations and quality equipment really are the better choice.

When You Park Your Vehicle Remember to