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Remote Start & Auto Security Installations
The Fine Print

1.) Price Includes Remote Start or Security Controller,
      Remote Kit and Labor to Install and Integrate with
      most Vehicles. Combo Alarm/Start Unit add only $125.

2.) Contact Us to Verify Your Vehicle Compatibility,
      Not All Apply
(we can integrate with about 95% of vehicles)
3.) Some Vehicles Require Additional Charge,
      Call to Verify
       (ie: Select Subaru, European, Intelli-Key,
       Manual Transmission, and  Select Luxury Vehicles)
4.) You Have to Contact Us to Make Appointment for
5.) Price Guaranteed for 3 months when purchased online,
     subject to possible increase after that time.
6.) Keyless Entry will Function on Vehicles Equipped
      with Power Locks. Power Door Lock Motors Can Be
      Installed For Additional Fee.
7.) Must Present Proof of Purchase at time of Installation.
8.) All Prices Add Tax.
9.) Remote Range is Up To Distance, Subject to