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Does a remote car starter void my warranty?
No. You are protected under the Federal Magnuson-Moss Act. This covers ALL aftermarket accessories. The federal government mandates that an auto dealer or manufacturer can not void a warranty due to the installation of any aftermarket accessory. They can only deny coverage if proof the installed equipment caused the failure, just the same as they can deny coverage by misuse. This does not void your entire warranty.

Why do I have to drop off my vehicle, can't I just wait?
Professional installations take time and many variables prevent us from promising exact finish times (especially during the busy season). This is why we highly recommend you make arrangments to leave your vehicle for the day of your appointment. This is our store policy.

How does a remote start in a manual transmission work?
You have to set the vehicle in reservation mode. It might sound harder than it really is. We will go over it with you before you leave the store. Reservation mode involves leaving your vehicle in neutral. You must set your parking brake, make sure your foot is off the service brake pedal and a few seconds later remove the vehicle's key from the ignition. Your vehicle will remain running until you exit your vehicle and close all the doors. Either immediatly or we can program a 10 second delay the motor will then shut down, lock the doors and arm the system. A digital sensor will also monitor the vehicle and disengage the remote start if movement is detected.

Make  sure you know how your installation is getting done. Say NO to T-Taps and other shortcut methods.