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Do aftermarket parts void my warranty?
No. You are protected under the Federal Magnuson-Moss Act.  This covers ALL aftermarket accessories & parts.  The federal government mandates that an auto dealer or manufacturer can not void a warranty due to the installation of any aftermarket part.  They can only deny coverage if proof the installed equipment caused the failure, just the same as they can deny coverage by misuse.  This does not void your entire warranty.  This is why you want a shop like J&J Automotive installing aftermarket electronics and parts on your vehicle.  Quality installations and quality parts are the better choice.

If a dealer or employee of a dealer tells you that any type of installation will void your warranty the first thing to do is ask for them to put that statement in writing. It is illegal for them to even say that, do not let these unethical people take advantage of you! It's your vehicle and your money. You are allowed to go to the shop of your choice.

In the case of lease vehicles you should check with the owner before doing any custom work. In most cases having quality installations can increase the value of your vehicle. Be carful though, too much customizing can limit the future resale market.